Not enough words….fixing that.

It has occurred to me, goaded on my a number of external voices, that all the internal dialogues in the world won’t amount to much if I don’t start finding ways to distill the ideas which compel them. So…its time to write. There are a few strands in all of that which will tend to come up, a lot:

  • The role, identity, function, conceit, concept of the illusion of space in art, especially painting since the work of Manet.
  • The role of narrative images and the potential gray area between images which may have external references but still build perceptual experiences which are not dependent on the narrative.
  • Why I hate the use of the term ‘Abstraction’.

This not a manifesto in the making ( there is a point to ponder by typing: why I distrust manifestos) ( ok, another, self-critical, is my vast over use of elipses and my tendency to turn to commas, layers of parentheses, semi colons and colons to distract my self from…)

So, let the fun begin…again.